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Marketing for Architects Blog will cover important topics regarding architecture firms. In time, I will publish more coherent marketing strategies, plans, and guides for architecture firms, right here, on this site.

  • Are Architects Allowed to Market and Advertise Their Services?
    Are Architects Allowed to Market and Advertise Their Services? The short answer is yes, both for marketing and advertisement. But this question is raised based on a long history. There were times when architects and architecture practices were not allowed to either market or advertise their work. Marketing and advertising were forbidden for architects, but not anymore From 1909 to … Read more
  • Inbound Versus Outbound Marketing for Architecture Firms
    Inbound marketing and outbound marketing are important concepts in marketing for architects and architecture firms. This post is rather technical. Nevertheless, understanding how these different approaches work is a key factor in creating and executing any plan to get more clients and new projects. Anyway, let’s compare these two, inbound and outbound marketing: Definitions of inbound and outbound marketing Inbound … Read more
  • WordPress – the best Platform for architects’ websites
    WordPress is the best platform for architects’ websites and I’ll explain why. I am building my websites by myself for almost 2 decades using this platform. Apparently, 40% to 60% of all websites in the world operate on a WordPress platform. That’s impressive! Architects are still reluctant to build websites to attract new clients Architects’ websites aren’t always doing the … Read more
  • Word-of-Mouth Vs Online Marketing For Architects’ Firms
    If you ask an architect how architects get clients, most likely, you get this answer: “Word-of-mouth: Create great architecture, and your satisfied clients recommend you for new projects!” This piece of advice is not that bad. After all, the quality of products and services is the strongest base for reputation, both on a personal and professional plane. Outstanding reputation precedes … Read more
  • 10 SEO Tips For Architects
    When it comes to optimizing the online presence of architects, there are several SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips that can help improve visibility and attract more relevant traffic to their websites. Search Engine Optimization should be consistent with your marketing strategy. The top10 SEO tips for architects are: Here are some of the best SEO tips for architects: 1. Keyword Research: … Read more
  • How Advertising Works For Architects
    The advertising for architects had a poor reputation. The American Institute of Architects even condemned the architects who advertised themselves. Other organizations of architects also perceived it as not honorable. Although nobody actively blames it anymore, many architects still think that it is under the professional best standards. But as marketing becomes frequent for architects and architecture firms, more and … Read more
  • Best-Suited Marketing Strategies For Architects
    What are the best-suited marketing strategies for architects? Is there a single best way to promote your services and get more clients? If yes, what is it? If not, are there more of them? First, there is no single marketing strategy, but many. Although they all work to some extent, their effectiveness can vary. Second, the methods are quite different. … Read more
  • Project-based marketing for architecture firms
    The project-based marketing for architecture firms is a marketing strategy to target potential customers in specific decision phases of their investment cycles. It is an effective approach. It sounds complicated, but it’s rather simple and logical. This is what it’s called inbound marketing. It consists of creating quality content that is helpful and informative. Potential clients, while searching for information … Read more
  • Building Customers’ Trust
    Why is building customers’ trust a cornerstone component of marketing for architects? First of all, it’s self-evident that we like to buy from trusted sources. We want to make good choices. Psychologists say we make all of our decisions emotionally. The research we do it’s a rational effort to justify the emotional choice. But I think that when we research, … Read more
  • One Great Example Of 100 Years Old Marketing For Architects
    I would like to show you a secret gem. An excellent example of not one, but two pieces of 100 years old marketing for architects. If anybody asked for proof that content marketing works, these two are. Writing and printing great content to help your prospective clients is not a recent invention. Starting to build I was a little … Read more
  • Is Email Marketing For Architects A Total Waste Of Time?
    An architect can find many websites teaching and promoting different email marketing plans, techniques, and strategies. They all suggest that architecture firms should consistently use email marketing. Email marketing for architects is a marketing strategy that has only a limited chance of success due to the specific nature of our clients. Although, in some cases, it can bring new leads, … Read more
  • How Do I Market My Architecture Firm?
    How I market my architecture firm is a question that I have been asking myself since I was in architecture school. But I think I am not the only one. Almost all architects still try to answer this one. This is why I created The most effective strategy to market an architecture firm is helping your clients through content … Read more
  • The 4 Ps Of Marketing For Architects
    How can anybody adopt and implement the 4 Ps of marketing for architects? What have in common the textbook marketing and architecture? The Marketing Mix / The 4 Ps Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion – these four are the marketing mix, the 4 Ps. The marketing mix is a simplifying concept that reduces the marketer interactions during the selling processes … Read more
  • Who Are The Clients You’d Like To Have
    Every architect has some favorite clients. They are clever, receptive to suggestions, and keenly want to build what you design exactly. Most of them share many of your views. They usually tell what their needs are, making it easy to fulfill with your architectural skills. It is the first lever (Product/Service) of the marketing mix. With other clients, everything is … Read more
  • Old-School Marketing for Architects
    On a Linkedin group, while a bunch of architects discussed marketing, a colleague told us to stop the wailings and the laments. We were doing everything wrong. After all, it was our fault for not getting the clients we thought we deserved. First of all, I liked this Ivy League architect: He was extremely well-articulated, and his writing was a … Read more
  • 7 Mistakes Architects Make While Promoting Themselves
    It’s hard to believe the mistakes architects make promoting themselves! Our ideas of marketing are at least strange. However, our brains are programmed this way. They center the education we get in school on the approval of all other architects. Sadly, this profoundly impacts our marketing, the messages we send, and the results we get. Let’s look at these mistakes … Read more
  • How Architects’ Websites Should Attract New Clients
    More and more architects have websites. Nevertheless, they fail to attract clients online. Why? They don’t transmit a good and coherent message to visitors. Hence they get no relevant traffic that converts into important customers. The visitors to our websites fall into one of the three categories: 1. Other Architects Other architects either study their competition or they just want … Read more

I will write more on other important topics, like websites for architects, SEO for architects, and social media. Successful marketing should increase the number of qualified prospective clients who will enrich your portfolio.

The marketing I promote is content marketing. This approach works, although it takes time. Time to get your content indexed, time to get proper rankings on Google Search. We will also discuss how you can speed up this process, not with black hat SEO, but by spending a few bucks on sponsored ads.

But the main idea is to shift the mentality, to think like a marketer. The beauty is that we, the architects, have what’s needed for this. Our job is to solve people’s problems through architectural design. Good marketing is all about helping people. Good architecture is also about helping people to thrive.

If you have questions about how architects and architecture firms could market themselves, please feel free to ask! I will gladly answer either in the Marketing for Architects Blog or by email.

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